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Frequent Questions

The Terms and Conditions of using the site of S.C. Select Turism S.R.L. firm.

Attention: We ask you to carefully read these conditions before using this website.
The using of this website confirms the fact that you have implicitly accepted the terms and conditions mentioned below:

How do I book a room?

The booking of the rooms can be performed in two ways:
a) Online
b) By telephone, e-mail or yahoo messenger.
a) The booking of the rooms by means of the online secured system implies your following the steps of the booking system. Besides the general data asked for by the booking system (name, departure/arrival date, address, telephone nr. etc) you will have to provide the data of the credit card with which you guarantee this booking. The credit card with which you guaranteed the booking will be checked at the request of S.C. Select Turism S.R.L. with the help of the collaborating bank and there will be blocked up on the tourist's card the exchange value of 50% of the cost of the stay, but no less than 1 night accommodation. On the day of the tourist's arrival at the villa's reception desk the way of paying for the booking will be established by mutual agreement with the tourist: cash or by credit card. The unblocking of the sum of money that was blocked on the tourist's credit card at the time of the booking will be performed within 1,2 up to 5 working days, depending on the specific conditions of the bank which issued the tourist's card.
S.C. Select Turism S.R.L. reserves its right to debit the card of the tourist who performed the booking under the conditions stipulated at art.2.
b) The bookings performed by telephone, e-mail or yahoo messenger are valid after having received the proof for the payment of the prepay, within a maximum of 48 hours from the date of the performing of the booking, by fax: +40-268-45.65.79 or by e-mail at or
The prepay for the booking consists of at least 50% out of the total cost of the stay and must be received 6 days before the arrival, otherwise the booking will be cancelled, and the bank transfer must be performed at:
RO53 RZBR 0000 0600 0261 0776 - LEI
RO14 RZBR 0000 0600 0850 2094 - EURO
Banca: Raiffeisen Bank Toporasi Ag.i
Account holder: S.C. Select Turism S.R.L. - Vila Select
Short bookings (1 night, 2 nights or "last minute") can be performed at any time, depending on availability.
S.C. Select Turism S.R.L. reserves its right to return the prepay to the tourist only under the conditions mentioned below.

How do I cancel a booking?

A cancelled booking can only be performed in writing and it becomes valid the moment it is confirmed by Select Villa.
The possibilities of canceling a booking are as follows:
- the canceling of the booking10 days before the arrival triggers no penalties;
- the canceling of the booking 5 days before the arrival triggers a penalty which consists of 50% of the total cost of the stay;
- the canceling of the booking 1 day before the arrival triggers a penalty which consists of 80% of the total cost of the stay.
The breaking of the conditions of the booking canceling, no shows, the canceling of the booking on the day of the arrival or during the stay trigger the cashing of the whole sum due for the booked stay.

Who are the tourism collaborators?

The tourism collaborators are those natural persons or ANP who want to get an additional income by providing bookings at Select Villa.

The targeted categories of tourists are:

  • organized groups of pupils, high school students, students (trips, camps, banquets, name day parties);
  • organized groups of adult tourists (firm team-buildings, firms that organize courses, trainings etc.);
  • weddings, banquets, name day parties, christening parties, special days, groups of foreign tourists etc.;
  • individual tourists.
  • 10% of the commission

    out of the total cost of the booking is offered.

    General conditions of collaboration:

  • with each collaborator there will be signed a collaboration contract in two copies, one for each party+1 identity card/paper copy which will be registered on the site;
  • the offered commission for each booking is of 10% (the duty due for this type of collaboration, namely 16% is retained by S.C. Select Turism S.R.L.) and it will be transferred into the collaborator's bank account at the beginning of each month, only after the total payment of the booked stay has been performed by the tourist;
  • you must have a bank account opened at Raiffeisen Bank;
  • the actual bookings can be performed only after we have received by post or by scanned mail the IC/IP+the filled in contract, signed in the original and the registration on site;
  • no selling target or fixed schedule is to be enforced and the income depends on the achievements.
  • The performing of a booking:

  • the presentation of the offer to the group coordinator;
  • the checking of the period availability at the Select Villa reception desk;
  • the actual performing of the booking on site;
  • the payment, by bank transfer or by credit card, of the minimum prepay of 50% within 48 hours after the performing of the booking, the rest of the money being paid by the tourists on the day of the arrival
  • For any kind of information , booking details, the contact person is:

    Dan VLAD


    Yahoo Messenger ID: vila_ select
    Skype ID vila_ select

    Period availability checking for booking:
    Tel/fax: 0268-45.65.79
    Mobile phone: 0744-613.119